Ashok Malhotra


Ashok Malhotra, an IIM (Ahmedabad) alumnus , is an Organization Consultant based out of Bengaluru. He is the author of the framework on which the EUM-I, EUM – O, EUM – M and other tools he has designed are based. Ashok is a researcher at heart, a gifted teacher and communicator, a past practitioner of Human Resource Management, an insightful observer of human processes and a consultant who facilitates organic evolution of organizations. Inspired by Clare Graves’ work on evolution, the EUM framework is based on the basic principle that an individual, during the course of his/her life, journeys through distinct states of existence. No state is a closed system but is characterized by needs, wants, beliefs, values, and proclivities that are specific and consistent with corresponding life conditions.


Post Graduate Diploma in Business Administration from India Institute of Management, Ahmedabad. B.A. (Mathematics, Psychology & Philosophy) from Rajasthan University, Jaipur.
Completed the Internship Programme of Indian Society for Applied Behavioral Science, 1976.

Area of Specialization

Human Resource Systems such as Career Design, Remuneration, Organisation Structure, Process & Culture, Organisational Change and Development, Personnel Policy.

Professional Associations

Has been associated as a Consultant / Trainer with a wide range of business organisations (Multinationals, Indian Business Houses, Public Sector etc.), premier management Institutes (IIMS, LBSA, ASCI, etc.) and leading professional bodies of the country. Institutional Member and Ex-chairman of Indian Society for Individual and Social Development. Co-Founder of Sumedhas Academy of Human Context.

Some of the Research & Publications

Child Man – The Selfless Narcissist – Book published by Routledge (Taylor & Francis Group) in May, 2010
Authored the Existential Universe Mapper Framework and Suite of Tools, the only set of organisation diagnostic tools developed indigenously in India. The tools include organisation mapping, diagnosis and 360 degree leadership orientation mappers. The tools have been deployed in over 100 independent organisations in India and have a database of over 3500 managers working in Indian and multinational organisations in India and abroad.
Study of structural change in seven large Indian Organisations over a span of ten years, nature of changes made and factors leading to different kinds of changes. Published in Administrative Staff College of Indian Journal of Management 1973, co-authored with Dr. B.L.Maheshwari.

Work History in Brief [in reverse chronology]

2006 – till date - Freelance Organisation Consultant
2001- 2006 Director – Cognan Consulting Pvt Ltd Co-founder of Cognan Consulting, a holistic management consulting firm Co-Founder of Sumedhas, an Academy of Human Context Director on the board of Rane Engine Valves Limited
1991 - 2001 Freelance Consultant in the area of Human Resource Management.
1985 - 1991 Indian Oxygen Ltd., as General Manager - HRD. Organisation development Personnel Policy, Staff Administration, Training & Development, Manpower / Career Planning, Recruitment, Spearheading Organisational Transformation

Writings by Ashok Malhotra

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