Go With The Single Piece Flow!

12th Apr 2017 By : S Badri Narayana

Is there a demand for wide-variety but small-lot production? Are the product lines (batches) not productive enough? Is your Value Adding Ratio less than 5 %? Is there a lot of alterations and low output per hour with the learning curve being high? Is there evidence of each of the 7 wastes (as described in the Lean Manufacturing System) in the production lines? Is there continuous fire fighting for fixing problems rather than preventing problem...

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Niyamgiri Hills, Raiguda, Odisha

The AVATAR Dharmasankata: Colonization, Modernity, and Pope Francis - Barefoot@Niyamagiri

21st Feb 2017 By : --

The Context

Located in the forests of western Odisha, a state straddling the eastern coast of India, bridging the district of Raiguda lies the sacred sanctuary of Niyamgiri hills. Not many moons ago, these forests were prospected, and projected as a veritable goldmine – for these verdant hills contain one of the richest and largest deposits of bauxite in India.

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Exploring “Self (or/versus/and) System” dynamics in today’s Context

29th Jan 2017 By : --

It is getting increasingly difficult these days to co-hold two contrasting pulls - that of the Self and that of the System - including families, work systems, communities etc. Often we find ourselves narcissistic and self absorbed in our own little worlds, quite clueless about our membership in systems and our dharma in nurturing and maintaining such around us.

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insAniyat: A Great Opportunity to Contribute to a CSR Inititiative and to Learn 

16th Dec 2016 By : Raghu Ananthanarayanan

Ashaan: Awakening Arjuna The new leadership coaching framework

Inviting you to share in an exciting process that we have initiated in the Barefoot Academy of Governance. As part of our Diploma programme we are offering 4 Laboratory Learning opportunities:

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The Hero’s Journey in the clutches of Market Capitalism: Where has the magic gone?

26th Aug 2016 By : --

In the past few weeks, I have been mulling over the sheer paucity of mono-myths or the hero’s quest that used to energize people – the old, the young, the men and women around me. It is almost as if the inner realm of magical unfolding has dried up, leaving us, at best, feeling good about what the market has to offer to us – a relentless display of sugar-coated consumable nothings – that are neither sumptuous nor do these linger. 

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