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Ashaan: Awakening Arjuna

The new leadership coaching framework

Inviting you to share in an exciting process that we have initiated in the Barefoot Academy of Governance. As part of our Diploma programme we are offering 4 Laboratory Learning opportunities:

  • Understanding Self
  • Understanding system dynamics
  • Learning Theatre
  • Understanding community processes

Gagandeep Singh and Vandana Menon will be joining me in facilitating these labs. We have completed the first one last month. The next one will be focusing on Systems Dynamics; the one after that will be focusing on Learning Theatre; the last one will be on Organization Transformation. 

For details about the programme please look up: http://barefootgovernance.org/blog-post/insaniyat-change-catalyst-prepar...

We realise that inviting people from fields other than the development sector will offer the participants a unique opportunity to understand the realities of the sector, its joys and struggles. It will offer the diploma students an insight into people from the organized sector. We will be opening out 12 seats for people who would like to join these labs. Write to me if you are interested in this unique opportunity- raghu@totallyalignedorganization.com 


Raghu Ananthanarayanan is the author of Leadership Dharma: Arjuna, the Timeless Metaphor. He has co-founded Sumedhas Academy for Human contextThe Barefoot Academy for GovernanceRitambhara, and FLAME TAO Knoware (Pvt. Ltd); He serves on the board of several companies. More information about Raghu can be found on his website