11th Aug 2016

Earth Rising

This is a first hand story related by a CEO of prominent company.

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29th Jul 2016

Wrestling with the Pig

Discussions on strategy are never easy. When the MD & CEO of the organisation is in a mood to question every assumption and prove a point, the Head of Marketing stands no chance at all.

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29th Jun 2016

We hope you had a pleasurable flight

My flight from Mumbai to Chennai was to take off at 1500 hours. It was a day of heavy rains in Chennai & we were all anxious to get home. At about 14:30 hours we were told that the flight has been delayed by half an hour due to delay in the incoming flight. 15 minutes later we were informed that there would be a further 15 minute delay as the incoming flight was delayed. And so we waited…

The next announcement came in an hour or so later after the passengers got together and demanded an explanation. The new time of departure was now 1730 hours…Reason given: Technical snag!

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28th Jun 2016

Scales of Tragedy

I am not a fan of science fiction. But that has not stopped me from following almost every foray into space with fascination and wonder. The surging power that announces the lift-off of a space-craft, the images beamed from miles above in space, the narratives of those in the thick of it all and of those who have been in the vast expanse of space, the touch-down, the relief followed by elation – all of these I have taken in innumerable times.

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28th Aug 2013

The tale of the old warrior horse

In October 2003, we traveled across to Washington DC and back on one of those daily Amtrak trains connecting Boston to Washington DC. Our train was 45 minutes late at New Jersey (not an infrequent occurrence as you would suppose), and we hustled our way into the business coach past an old coach attendant.

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