My flight from Mumbai to Chennai was to take off at 1500 hours. It was a day of heavy rains in Chennai & we were all anxious to get home. At about 14:30 hours we were told that the flight has been delayed by half an hour due to delay in the incoming flight. 15 minutes later we were informed that there would be a further 15 minute delay as the incoming flight was delayed. And so we waited…

The next announcement came in an hour or so later after the passengers got together and demanded an explanation. The new time of departure was now 1730 hours…Reason given: Technical snag!

1730…1830…another hue & cry from the passengers…finally another announcement! The flight was now scheduled for departure at 2200 hours.

The call for boarding the flight came at about 2220 hours & the flight finally took off at 2300 hours. Through this entire waiting time we were offered nothing to eat or drink!

After the initial drill on the flight, at about 2345 hours we were offered a packet of peanuts & water! Amazing I thought…All part of the ‘Procedure’ am sure!!

We reached Chennai but were unable to land as were in the Queue. By the time we landed it was 0130 hours the next day. Weariness, anger, anxiety, sleep…everyone’s immediate response was “Phew! Finally” & “Hope we can get home” (because we had all heard that the city was flooded)!! And then came the icing on the cake…! The airhostess read out her pre-written, wellrehearsed lines. “Welcome to Chennai….blah…blah…We hope you had a pleasurable flight!! One could hear peels of laughter in the aircraft!

Being responsive to the customer means being sensitive to the current reality& also being able to listen. Having experienced such a lackadaisical response from them, I really wonder if they heard the laughter at all!