This is a first hand story related by a CEO of prominent company.

In a winery after some amount of growth the roots have to be treated by which time, some amount of branches in the form of creepers also take shape (along the wires/rods). By this treatment the roots get weak and the workmen unwind some of the creepers and pull it to the ground and these then become roots. This was quite a chore as the creepers are thick and well entwined around 12 13 the wires or rods and took time. It was identified as a difficult task and the workmen got together to improve the situation. After brainstorming, it emerged that the creeper tip was brought to the ground for it to embed in the earth to form the root. Instead, they thought, why not build a mound of earth near the end of creeper and a little bit of untwining would do. This was tried out and proved to be very successful. This is a good example of workmenthinking and a no cost solution.