28th Jun 2019 to 30th Jun 2019

Venue : Pink Mist Retreat

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To stay relevant and grow, one has to understand strategizing as an ongoing dialogue with one’s context. One needs a framework to enable a vibrant but disciplined discussion between role holders of an organization so that a shared vision of the organization can emerge. Continuously monitoring and enhancing Strategic Fitness is the necessary condition for Sustained Business Excellence. The common tendency to view reality through predetermined categories and interpret them using sectoral expertise does not enable effective action. It can at best yield static strategies and plans.  

The Business Aligner (BA) is a simple but effective framework that enables a systemic and balanced understanding of an organization. It is a dynamic lens that enables one to capture changes as they happen and place them in relationship to one’s world. One can therefore build a coherent narrative of the VUCA world through the Business Aligner.
The participant learns:
☯ To understand an inside-out as well as an outside-in view of an organization.
☯ To capture task issues, people issues, and the dynamic interplay of the changing context
within the systemic capabilities of the organization.
☯ To track changes as they are cognized and help build dynamic responsiveness to emerging
business realities.
☯ To highlight systemic inter-dependencies and trigger dialogues across boundaries and
influence outcomes.
☯ To develop business scenarios and design strategies for action.